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a pencil drawing of jess and mo, created by mo for our wedding invitations

Jess and Mo met over a shared love of arts and crafts. And now live in the home studio of their dreams.

Jess loved Mo's creativity: he could play your arm like a saxophone, draw basically anything his incredible imagination could dream up and had a library of sketchbook diaries to show for it, and the fact that he was also an art school grad and a working artist (and let us not forget the Spanish accent).

Mo loved Jess' zest for creating things from scratch:  she could cook a multi-course Moroccan meal, sew up new living room curtains or create the entirety of their wedding decor.  Jess had mastered almost every craft she'd purchased the supplies for.  And she had a pretty eclectic resume full of other creative endeavors.

Jess and Mo lived together in Cambridge, MA, then moved to Silicon Valley for almost a decade, and recently moved back to the East Coast to be closer to family.  Upon their return back East, they purchased a very old barn to be the inspiration for their next phase of life. They spent a year renovating the inside, and are so excited to welcome you in!

Jess will be teaching classes and Mo is still brainstorming about the first art classes he would like to teach. In the meantime he'll continue his video game artist position, working from home for his CA-based employer.

JESS:  has been sewing since in the single digits. was lucky enough to study both art and fashion while in high school. graduated as a fashion design major from MASSART. opened a small biz making and selling handbags for women. worked at Stonehill College sewing and altering costumes.  taught adult ed classes in Cambridge for many years. had a brief career designing running and fitness clothing for a few local Boston brands. worked for corporate Whole Foods creating custom marketing materials. now settled down with Mom as her newest job title. and dog Foster Mom, too. you can usually find her binge-watching FBI shows, tending to her perennial garden, or sneaking off to World Market for some therapeutic shopping.

MO:  has also been creating art since a young age. went to a prestigious art school in the Dominican Republic. then transferred to Parsons. got recruited for a job right out of school and was part of the original creative team that developed Bioshock for almost 20 years. now designs spaceships for the Star Trek online game. has too many hobbies to name, but you can usually find him painting with watercolors, drawing in his sketchbook, creating projects in his wood shop, or tending to an open fire.

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