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  • How is the Craft Barn's accessibility?
    -After parking, guests must walk up a short gravel driveway and up 3 stairs to the entrance. -There is no wheelchair ramp. -Bathroom is on main level -Both benches or chairs and stools are provided for comfort, and there are multiple counter heights for standing
  • Do classes include breaks?
    You are welcome to take a break any time you want! We want your experience here to be most enjoyable. Need to take a phone call? Just step out on the porch for privacy. Basics like water, assorted teas, and coffee are available for you to enjoy at any time. Feel free to bring whatever drinks or snacks you may need during class. We have a dedicated eating area to keep our projects clean! 4 hour workshops include a catered lunch.
  • Do I need to bring any supplies to a class or workshop?
    No! Unless noted in class descriptions, all supplies are included in your enrollment fee. This includes, but not limited to: -access to a brand new Singer Heavy Duty sewing machine and all necessary thread spools and needles and specialty sewing feet -toolbox with paper scissors, thread snips, fabric scissors, seam ripper, different types of measuring tapes, hand sewing needles, thread wax, pattern making tools, fabric pens and pencils, rulers, pins and clips -different types of pattern making papers/boards -muslin and multiple varieties of interfacings -your own counter-height work space for cutting/drafting -a large table-height area for machine sewing with extra LED lighting The only time you will need your own supplies is if you are supplying your own fabric in an unusual color, or if you need a specific trim item (zipper, etc) to complete a project that was started outside of class.
  • Can I have a private class for my friends and I?
    Of course! Class with your pals is the most fun!! Any type or length of class can be 100% customized. Please just email with specifics and we will work out the details together.
  • Can I propose a project idea that you don't offer?
    That would be lovely! Please contact with your idea.
  • Is this really your home?
    It really is! The work space where classes and workshops are held is actually our kitchen, but it will be 100% ready for any and all sewing projects. Our house is an open-concept space, a barn that was converted into living space. Our kitchen and living room are open to each other. This means while you may catch a glimpse of our fridge or pantry while working, you can also take a break on the sofa if you'd like to and still keep the conversation going. Our house is very warm and inviting, creative, colorful, and organized!! There won't be dirty dishes laying around, all surfaces are disinfected before class begins, and you will definitely be inspired upon entry. We also have a large screened in porch if you require some privacy or fresh air during your class. Personal note: All weekday classes will be held while my daughter is in school. My husband works from his home office, so you may occasionally see him coming into the kitchen for a water refill or snack.
  • Can I visit the Craft Barn at any time?
    Interested in a tour? Or have a request for a private event? We ask that you please email for an appointment to stop by. Stopping by unannounced during scheduled class times would be too disruptive to the students. Also, since the Craft Barn is also our home, we kindly ask that you schedule your visit in advance.
  • Where do I park?
    The Craft Barn is at the end of a very long driveway. If you haven't driven down the very long gravel driveway, chances are you are at the neighbor's house! You'll see our big black screened-in porch at the front of the house. Park anywhere you'd like, but we always recommend you turn your car around first for easy exit.
  • What if I need to cancel my enrollment?
    We understand life gets in the way! If you cancel 2 weeks before the start date, you will be eligible for a 100% refund. If class begins within 7 days, we can offer you a 50% refund. If you want to join another class at a later date, we can easily transfer your payment to a later class.
  • I am sick and cannot attend one of my classes. Do you offer make-ups?
    Of course we do! Please just email and we will figure out an appropriate day and time for you to make up your missed class and finish your project. Thanks for being considerate and staying home when you are unwell.
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